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You ever just realize how lucky you are that you did that weird thing that led to you being friends with the people you are friends with?


After game 1 vs. Columbus 04/16/14

Haha thanks. It’s floating around Tumblr here somewhere. Definitely not my pic though! You can try my “playoffs” or “buckle up baby” tags!

04-17 - 22:02


i love when hockey players wear like gym shorts and a hoodie and those knee high compression socks yasssss

Anonymous: I don't ship Meryl & Maks and I'm not a fan of Maks, but they do seem to have a good partnership on the show. I don't mean romantically or showmance, but she just looks like she's having a blast with him and they're very touchy feely. Like if you watch judge comments after their samba, every time Maks put his arms around Meryl she would reciprocate by putting her hand over his and at one point she rubs his forearm.


(Ayyy, join the club?)

I’m sure Meryl and Maks are having fun as new friends (you know, since they’ve known each other for two months.) but it’s ridiculous to compare that, in any way, to a seventeen year relationship that resulted in 3 Olympic medals. Just. No.

I don’t care about the context. Meryl and Charlie have gone through hell and back together- for each other. They went through the awkward pre-teen years, they discovered themselves, they’ve went through college all with the other by their side. They finish each others sentences and understand the other better than anyone else. Their relationship surpasses even what married couples endure.

So, yeah, I’m sure Maks and Meryl hug and smile at each other, but to even compare that to Meryl and Charlie “chemistry” (which doesn’t have to mean romantic) is the most ridiculous thing ever. That’s more or so what I was commenting on, not that I think they lack chemistry, just that it’s ridiculous to compare that to M/C.


every game in the league against the flyers is a rivalry game because nobody fucking likes them

But first let me take a selfie